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To continue to obtain and maintain DJ gigs in today’s market is not an easy task. The scene is flooded with many talented DJs and standing out can be difficult. I’ve have come up with five simple best practices for DJs that will always keep you in the game: (more…)

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FaceBook has quickly become the leading social network and one of the best ways to find and interact with friends. For DJs, FaceBook has become much more than a way to catch up with friends from high school. It has become a major marketing vehicle for promoting yourself as an artist as well as your events. In my eyes, FaceBook wins hands down as the best social network site for DJs. But if you really know how to use it, you can also promote your music production, mixes, and even manage your fans. Here is a breakdown of the different types of pages you can have and how to use them: (more…)


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We all know of McDonald’s and everything on their menu yet they still run TV spots like there’s no tomorrow. Why do they need to do this? It’s not because you don’t know who they are, but to stay ahead of the competition and remain first in your thoughts for fast food. They show you the “what’s new” in terms of specials, contests, etc. As DJs, we should constantly have a “what’s new” in our careers; new events, releases, mixes, and other projects and involvements. And unlike McDonalds, not everyone knows who we are so we should also be recruiting new fans every chance we get. Even though I believe we need to promote ourselves heavily, “over promotion” does exist and I am quite guilty of it…but does it do more harm than good?


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I’ve been asked to write about how to find key contacts in the “scene.” This is subjective to your region and style of music that you’re looking to spin. It may be easier in some areas than in others. However, I assume that most DJs know and support their local scene. An aspiring DJ should be doing this already or their chances of landing gigs will be considerably low. (more…)

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