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The coolest thing about text message marketing is that just a few years ago I couldn’t have written this article because the concept didn’t even exist. As technology continues to develop, so do the ways in which we use it.  Today, many people have unlimited text plans on their cell phones and in many cases actually like getting text updates and event info. However, there are still a lot of people who don’t like it. So what are the “best practices” for text message marketing? (more…)


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We all know of McDonald’s and everything on their menu yet they still run TV spots like there’s no tomorrow. Why do they need to do this? It’s not because you don’t know who they are, but to stay ahead of the competition and remain first in your thoughts for fast food. They show you the “what’s new” in terms of specials, contests, etc. As DJs, we should constantly have a “what’s new” in our careers; new events, releases, mixes, and other projects and involvements. And unlike McDonalds, not everyone knows who we are so we should also be recruiting new fans every chance we get. Even though I believe we need to promote ourselves heavily, “over promotion” does exist and I am quite guilty of it…but does it do more harm than good?


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