The signature line of an e-mail serves a number of purposes. It’s not just to show your contact information, status, and affiliations. It’s about web presence and being found.  If you’re still scratching your head wondering what a signature line is,  its your contact info that you can set to automatically appear at the bottom of every e-mail. Continue Reading »

Hi-Res Photos

Every DJ who hopes to get booked, and thus promoted, needs a small collection of quality photographs. Let me say that again…quality photographs. These are not the snap shots taken of you at previous gigs. I’m talking about professional high resolution photos taken in a studio with a professional photographer with wardrobe changes, backdrops…the works. Continue Reading »

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve debated over this with DJs. Many get very comfortable with social networking such as MySpace and FaceBook. And why wouldn’t they? It’s easy to use, you can interact with friends, fans, promoters, other artists and even record labels…and most of all…IT’S FREE! But what happens when the hype dies and the thrill is gone? Continue Reading »

Modern Technology + Old School Mentality = Fans & Gigs!

Who are the so called “Big Name DJs”? They are most often DJs that produce the most popular tracks.  But let’s face it, there are a lot of very talented DJs out there that either do not produce music, or just haven’t produced a big hit. So how do these DJs obtain fans and get big gigs? Continue Reading »

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