DJ Professionalism

Professionalism refers to one’s professional status, methods, character, or standards (dictionary.com). This is also reflected in attitude. A DJ’s professionalism can have a huge impact on bookings and even fans. Let’s look at some examples of how this can impact a DJ’s career. Continue Reading »

Many DJs go through this. They could be playing 3-4 gigs a week for months and suddenly….nothing! Even some of the biggest names out there go through this. They can be on the road non stop for a couple of weeks and then grounded for 3 weeks. However, this is not the time to question it. It is the time for action! Continue Reading »

DJs who are not as busy as they would like to be may have painted themselves into a corner. If you only play in one market, or on one side of the town, or even one style of music, then it’s going to be hard to keep a regular schedule. Continue Reading »

Peep the video…

As technology becomes more accessible to people, more video footage of DJs and events are popping up all over the web. This gives us a new opportunity to market ourselves and our music in ways we couldn’t before without spending thousands of dollars. Continue Reading »

I have a major pet peeve with illiterate bios. Bios with broken English do not scream “BOOK ME.” On the flipside however, one isn’t usually hiring a DJ because of their excellent use of grammar. I still wouldn’t take a chance on that and get help if you’re having a hard time with it and always have someone give it a second read before you put it out there. It is far more professional to have a well-written bio. Continue Reading »

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