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I just got back from playing in Atlanta where I witnessed true unity in Deep House.  Even in the largest American cities, it can still be very difficult to throw successful Deep House events. There are simply not enough fans to go around for several events on any given night. We’re all getting older and not enough potential, young fans are finding us. Atlanta is a smaller city than Chicago, New York and L.A. and they don’t have as many large scale Deep House events. However, once a month Stan Zeff throws an event called “Tambor” featuring some of the best producers/djs around today and people just seem to come together to support this special night by collectively creating an enormous amount of anticipation. (more…)


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There was a time when the latest hits were heard in the club before anywhere else. The “music of the streets” was the music in the clubs. Today people are mostly guided more by radio and music videos but why is that? As DJs we have this rare opportunity to make a huge impact on our audiences but we often don’t take advantage of this anymore. Instead, we play it “safe” with known club bangers and classics. Why do DJs do this? What do they get out of it and what do they have to loose? (more…)

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Sometime you have to throw your own events to promote yourself. Therefore, knowing the ins and outs of working with venues is essential not only protecting yourself, but also to avoid falling into a financial mess. We are going to look closely at all the things to consider when dealing with venues such as talent, revenue, marketing, staff, funding and more.


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