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Professionalism refers to one’s professional status, methods, character, or standards (dictionary.com). This is also reflected in attitude. A DJ’s professionalism can have a huge impact on bookings and even fans. Let’s look at some examples of how this can impact a DJ’s career. (more…)

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Many DJs go through this. They could be playing 3-4 gigs a week for months and suddenly….nothing! Even some of the biggest names out there go through this. They can be on the road non stop for a couple of weeks and then grounded for 3 weeks. However, this is not the time to question it. It is the time for action! (more…)

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve debated over this with DJs. Many get very comfortable with social networking such as MySpace and FaceBook. And why wouldn’t they? It’s easy to use, you can interact with friends, fans, promoters, other artists and even record labels…and most of all…IT’S FREE! But what happens when the hype dies and the thrill is gone? (more…)

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