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Sometime you have to throw your own events to promote yourself. Therefore, knowing the ins and outs of working with venues is essential not only protecting yourself, but also to avoid falling into a financial mess. We are going to look closely at all the things to consider when dealing with venues such as talent, revenue, marketing, staff, funding and more.


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Starting out is hard to do. Think about it, you have to convince someone to put you on when no one knows who you are and has never heard of you…..but it can be done. We’ve all been there at one time or another. So here are some tips to get you thinking. (more…)

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Professionalism refers to one’s professional status, methods, character, or standards (dictionary.com). This is also reflected in attitude. A DJ’s professionalism can have a huge impact on bookings and even fans. Let’s look at some examples of how this can impact a DJ’s career. (more…)

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